HD Photo Gallery from Enduring Freedom, 2002

Una galleria di immagini in HD tratte dall’operazione Enduring Freedom, scattate nel 2002 e dal sapore “old school”…

flag_icon_eng_pic A gallery of HD images  learned from operation Enduring Freedom, taken in 2002, with a “old school” taste

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JPC Crye Precision…users gallery!

Se in questo momento andaste a visitare il sito Crye nella pagina dedicata al JPC, trovereste questa nota a piè di pagina: “Due to high demand, the current leadtime on this item is 12-16 weeks. Availability may vary according to size/color. Orders will be filled in the order they are received.”. Volete sapere perchè? …

flag_icon_eng_pic  If at this time you went to visit the page dedicated to the Crye JPC, you would find this footnote on page: “Due to high demand, the current leadtime on this item is 12-16 weeks. Availability may vary according to Functional size / color . Orders will be filled in the order they are received. . Want to know why? …

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Analyzing a Picture: MARSOC impression (Years 2012/2013)!

Come consuetudine partiamo dall’analisi di una foto di riferimento per stilare una kit list adeguata per un loadout Marsoc, per il periodo 2012/2013.


flag_icon_eng_pic As usual, we start from the analysis of a reference photo to draw up a kit list adequate for a MARSOC loadout for the period 2012/2013.

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